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#ACCESS901: Memoir provides lens to ‘see’ Cyntoia Brown-Long

As for “Young Cyntoia” specifically, “I would tell her, you don’t know half the things that you think you know,” she said. “I thought I knew better than my mother and anyone else around me. You couldn’t tell me anything! I would tell (Young Cyntoia), ‘you have no idea what life is really about. You’re not equipped, you’re not ready…to be grown… God has it so you’re in your home with your parents for a reason… so you learn the ways of the world.’”

IN MEMORIAM: Legendary Morgan State and New York Knicks Assistant Coach: Nat Frazier Passes Away at 84

“My dad was a bigger believer in good basketball… basketball was basketball to him, and I think he recognized early the impact that women could make, before a lot of other people did,” said Nathaniel Frazier’s son, Kevin. “He loved and appreciated the contributions that women could make in basketball and even though his particular franchise didn’t exactly work out, he was still so supportive of the WNBA.”

Chavis Moderates Lively Discussion on the State of Black Business During CBCF’s Annual Legislative Conference

Hosted by Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Dwight Evans, panelists included Rob Busby, Sr., the President and CEO of the U.S. Black Chambers; Economist and former Bennett College President Dr. Julianne M. Malveaux; Black Enterprise Senior Vice President and Editor At-Large Alfred A. Edmond, Jr.; and The Enterprise Center President, Della Clark.

Why is Suicide a Growing Problem in the Black Community?

A June 2019 study conducted by the Journal of Community Health revealed that suicide deaths among black females aged 13 to 19 rose 182 percent between 2001 and 2017, while the rate among black teen males rose 60 percent during that same period. From 2015 to 2017, 52 percent of black teen males who died from suicide used firearms, a method with a fatality rate of nearly 90 percent. Another 34 percent used strangulation or suffocation, which has a fatality rate of about 60 percent.

OP-ED: Flying While Black: Stop the U.S. Congress from Raising Air Travel Taxes

“The tax, known as the passenger facility charge, is a locally enforced but federally authorized fee that every passenger must pay at U.S. commercial airports. Nearly every airport in America charges it. The fee is currently set at $4.50 per person per leg of a trip. Legislation has been introduced that would remove that cap, allowing airports to charge any amount they want.”

AT&T Foundation Makes $300,000 Contribution to George W. Bush Institute

"We applaud the George W. Bush Institute for being visionaries in education, and for their steadfast advocacy for smart policies that keep us accountable to our next generation,” said Texas State Rep. Morgan Meyer, who serves on the Texas House Committee on Public Education. “There's no doubt that leaders across our state and our nation should make providing quality education for every child a legacy because it's an issue that impacts our families, our communities and our future." 

Why Would HUD Gut Its Own Disparate Impact Rule?

HUD proposed a new rule that would expand the disparate impact rule into a five-step process that would shift the burden of proving discrimination nearly exclusively to plaintiffs. By proposing that third parties test practices against algorithms to determine fairness, defendants in fair housing cases could later move for dismissal and/or be shielded from liability.