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U.S. Census Bureau is Hiring

Working for the census will allow you to help out your community and earn money at the same time. The U.S. Census helps determine each state’s representation in Congress, how funds are spent for schools, hospitals, and roads, and provides information to guide many decisions made by government agencies, private businesses and institutions.

Black Leaders Urge Participation in 2020 Census

Bakersfield, Calif.—Efforts to educate and to increase the self-response rate of Kern County’s hard-to-count (HTC) populace for the 2020 Census got underway, Wednesday October 30, 2019 at the Martin Luther King (MLK) Center. Kern Complete Count Committee (KCCC) held a press conference at the center to “launch community canvassing efforts for the 2020 Census.” Wednesday’s event is one of several door-to-door community engagements scheduled to take place within the next 6 months prior to the April 2020 Census.

Census Bureau Embarks on a Hiring Blitz

With Census Day, April 1, fast approaching, the Census Bureau is ramping up its hiring. There are thousands of jobs to fill. The national census, taken every 10 years since 1790, is the country’s biggest single peacetime project. The goal is to count each and every person living in the United States, no matter how young or old, no matter their citizenship, no matter anything. If they’re here, they count.

Bakersfield Brand New Day’s Specialized Programs Meet Needs Of Medicare Eligable

As more and more Americans are becoming Medicare eligible, many find themselves overwhelmed by myriad options available to them.  Brand New Day, a Medicare Advantage prescription health plan available in 12 California counties, has an experienced team dedicated to helping Medicare beneficiaries, their families and/or caretakers sift through the various benefit options so they can find one that best meets their needs.

Rams Have Tough One at Home

The Los Angeles Rams started out like gangbusters against San Francisco. Rolling down the field with no passes on the drive. Malcolm Brown and Robert Woods were the only two Rams to rush on a 7 play 56 yards drive. Woods took it to the endzone on an end around.

Environmental Justice Advocates Say Climate Change isn’t a ‘White Thing’

"Far too often it is our communities – Black and Brown communities – that are not prepared enough, resilient enough, or adaptive enough when climate disasters hit," Mabson said. "We look at the devastating impacts from Hurricane Katrina, and more recently Hurricane's Maria, Harvey, and Dorian, and we see communities that look like ours, nearly destroyed," said Michelle Mabson, a staff scientist for the Healthy Communities Program at Earthjustice.

BBDI Mystery Bus Tour Returns to Taste of Soul 2019

Michelle Rainey of Bakersfield is doing it again by bringing her 3rd Annual BBDI Mystery Bus Tour to Taste of Soul 2019!!  Michelle, who is from Los Angeles, has been working with Black Businesses in Bakersfield for 5 years and had this unique idea to connect them to the Los Angeles small business community through Taste of Soul.  Ms. Rainey wants for this coalition of businesses to see what is done when businesses are brought together to do something positive to further awareness, patronization and economic development in an atmosphere full of fun, good food and great entertainment.

Court Ruling Reverses Kern Superior Court Decision; Students Can Sue State for ‘Failing’ to Hold School Districts Accountable for Discriminatory Practices

A California Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that students and community organizations can sue the State of California, through the Superintendent of Public Instruction, for failing to monitor and hold school districts accountable for discriminatory suspension, expulsion or transfer, according to a press release by the Equal Justice Society.