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Mental Health Stigma Still Affecting African Americans

“Turning to our pastors was needed in the past, but as concerns have grown, more resources are available,” said Dr. Catherine Jackson, a licensed clinical psychologist and board certified neuro-therapist in Chicago, noting also that many African Americans eventually visit hospital emergency rooms with complaints that are in fact mental health issues.

Women’s Suffrage Forged by Founding Sisters: Happy Birthday to Ida B.

Ida B. revered the Black press as an organizing tool. Though her newspaper The Memphis Free Speech was destroyed by racist mobs, she was never silenced. During her life, she would publish three newspapers and authored “Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases” and “The Red Record,” investigative reports that remain definitive sources on racist violence more than 100 years later.

The Storied History of the Black Press Part II

“African American journalism has played a dual role, serving as purveyors of news and information and as agents of social change,” Dr. Jane Rhodes, the head of the department of African American studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said, noting that the Black Press has always been a source of black American political power.

GM Exec Touts DTU and other Programs that Feature HBCUs

“There are so many great men and women that are being developed and minds that are being cared for, cultivated inside of the schools and they don’t necessarily have the recruitment bandwidth and their career centers don’t have the relationships established to actually open up access to larger Fortune 500 companies,” Lester Booker, Jr., the project manager for communications operations at General Motors.

Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us” Wins Mass Attention for Focus on Falsely Accused Central Park Five

As DuVernay’s film gained viewers and momentum and waves of publicity, Linda Fairstein, the main prosecutor of the Central Park Five, was dropped by her publisher Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Random House, on June 7. Fairstein has never apologized or admitted there was a wrongful prosecution in the case. Several prosecutors and detectives have avoided discussing the series. The five men are pursuing an additional $52 million in damages from New York State in the New York Court of Claims.

COMMENTARY: U.S. Attempt to Erase Harriet Tubman

In the fantasy of white supremacy, traitors like Jefferson Davis and other Confederates are memorialized for being freedom fighters — the freedom of whites to own black human beings and work them to death — while a woman who risked her life time and again to free enslaved people is simply dismissed. Ignored. Erased.

Rep. Waters Works with Colleagues to Stop Political Violence in Haiti; Includes Provisions in FY 2020 State, Foreign Operations Report

“During my recent trip to Haiti, I was shocked and appalled to learn of the massacre and the burning of homes in La Saline and other evidence of politically motivated violence, and I am deeply disturbed by the allegations that the Haitian government may have been involved,” said Congresswoman Waters. “I thank my friend and colleague, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, for working to include language in the report accompanying the State, Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill to address this urgent crisis.”