Waters Statement on HUD’s Move to Weaken Protections Against Housing Discrimination

“HUD’s announcement that it plans to weaken the disparate impact standard is part of a series of efforts by the Trump Administration to dismantle key civil rights protections in this country, including Secretary Carson’s refusal to implement the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule and HUD’s cruel proposal to terminate housing benefits for families with mixed-immigration status.”

Los Angeles’s MLS El Trafico

On an unseasonably humid night at the Banc of California Stadium, the Los Angeles Football Club welcomed cross-time rival LA Galaxy. Having lost their previous match up to the Galaxy in their stadium the LAFC was focused on defending their home field.

COMMENTARY: America’s Racial Wealth Gap Could Cost Economy $1.5 Trillion

“Black families are underserved and overcharged by institutions that can provide the best channels for saving,” states the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, The economic impact of closing the racial wealth gap. “For instance, banks in predominantly black neighborhoods require higher minimum balances ($871) than banks in white neighborhoods do ($626). Unsurprisingly, 30% of Black families are underserved by their banks, and 17% are completely disconnected from the mainstream banking system because of a lack of assets and a lack of trust in financial institutions.”  

Los Angeles Chargers welcome the Seattle Seahawks to So Cal

It could be argued that the NFL doesn’t need 4 total pre-season games for teams to be adequately prepared for the regular season. Seeing how there are less than 15 spots typically open each season on a given NFL team. Whether the other positions are taken up by experience, salary or draft class, teams most often have a smaller number of positions available than many may initially think.

Portland ‘Blackout’: Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week Returns

Originally, Portland resident Bertha Pearl brought the first iteration of ‘Black Restaurant Days’ to Portland after reading about a similar initiative underway in San Francisco. After expanding to a full week in recent years, the land of the not so humble foodies has more time to squeeze in the nearly 100 listed restaurants and food carts.

Pull quote: “We should move past the hashtags and truly help to keep us active by supporting us 365 days a year.”