El Torito and Acapulco Honor the Rams

In honor of the Los Angeles Rams winning the NFC Championship and heading to Superbowl LIII, the Cypress, CA. based Xperience Restaurant Group is providing Rams fans complimentary appetizers for supporting the Rams all season at a couple of their premier restaurants. Two words will get you your free dish; “Go Rams”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Community Awards Breakfast Celebration

The 16th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Breakfast was held Monday, January 21, 2019 at the MLK Jr. Community Center 1000 South Owens Street. Rev. Wesley Crawford, Sr. Chair and the MLK Jr. Committee honored the slain Civil Rights Activist by coordinating a Community Awards Breakfast “Mere Beginning thru Simple Triumphs” to honor seven (7) local men and women for their leadership, support, and entrepreneurial savvy in the Bakersfield community. 

Championship Weekend in the NFL

What a weekend it was in the National Football League playoffs! For the first time in recent memory, both NFC and AFC Championship games went into overtime, as the leagues final four contestants competed feverously for their chance to compete for a Superbowl.

Waters Outlines Agenda in First Policy Speech as Committee Chairwoman

Millions of families that rely on HUD rental assistance programs are perilously close to losing their homes due to projected lapses in funding. What’s more, it was recently reported that HUD, under Secretary Carson’s leadership, has failed to follow its own contingency plan, and as a result 1,150 project-based rental assistance contracts have expired, with hundreds more hanging in the balance if this shutdown does not end.

Chavis Delivers Keynote at Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

“Today, in his blessed name, I challenge the youth of America and the youth of the world to rise up, speak out, and to push forward for freedom, justice and equality,” said Chavis, a noted civil rights activist who counts among the famed “Wilmington 10,” who were falsely accused and wrongly convicted in connection with a 1970s firebombing of a grocery store in North Carolina.

Kamala Harris to Run for President in 2020

The synopsis for the Jackson documentary titled, “Leaving Neverland,” says: “At the height of his stardom, Michael Jackson began long-running relationships with two boys, aged 7 and 10, and their families. Now in their 30s, they tell the story of how they were sexually abused by Jackson, and how they came to terms with it years later.”

Woman’s March comes to Bakersfield

People of both sexes, male, female, even a few non-gender specific, packed out Mill Creek Park on Saturday, January 19 for the third annual Woman’s March. There was plenty of diversity on display at the event; all ages, all races, all creeds stepped out into the sunshine to wave protest signs on a wide variety of topics.