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Dear Black People: Adoption is a Great Option

Adoption is a great option for all families, especially African-American families who typically “take in” children as a regular practice. The informal practice of “adopting” children began in the United States when black families were often destroyed by the system and practice of slavery. Slaves were sold and traded, so families were broken up, leaving children behind in need of care. 

Stacey Abrams Ends Historic Gubernatorial Run

Abrams announcement comes days after post-election lawsuits demanding that all votes be counted in the face of voter suppression tactics used by the Secretary of State’s office. Kemp, who was the Republican candidate for governor, failed to step down from the office while running for office, which was a clear conflict of interest. 

L.A. Clippers Foundation to Feed 500 Families at 30th Annual Teamwork at the Table Event 

Continuing to immerse themselves within the community, as they done in years past, the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation recently hosted their 30th annual Teamwork at the Table Thanksgiving event. In conjunction with the St. Joseph Center in Venice, the Los Angeles Clippers with donations from Ralph’s and Food for Less, distributing food items, turkeys and clothing to pre-selected families in need.