Congresswoman Waters Statement on GOP Plan to Cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

It is a testament to their moral depravity and endless greed that the Republicans and Donald Trump would once again attempt to break the social safety net to pay for their GOP Tax Scam law. Through their actions and words, the Republicans and Trump have made it abundantly clear that they are willing to break the backs of working families and America's seniors to serve and enrich powerful corporations and Wall Street banks.

Done to us Not With Us: Calling for New Voices

Not only do we have to support parents as they navigate the college-going process, but we also have to highlight the larger educational crisis that exists within the African American community. We need to let parents know that they can make a difference and that their children can achieve higher outcomes than what some might expect for them. 

Bruins spell relief with S-P-E-I-G-H-T

When UCLA quarterback Wilton Speight came in the team did not miss a beat during its 31- 30 win over Arizona. Replacing injured freshman Dorian Thompson-Robinson, the transfer QB engineered several drives to help the Bruins (2-5, 2-2 Conference) stay in the hunt for the PAC-12 South race. A USC loss to UTAH gave PAC-12 south teams at least two losses.    

I Have a Felony Conviction….Can I Vote?

While many states have some restriction on felon voting rights, most states restore the right to vote to people after they complete their sentences. In fact, up to 17 million Americans with past convictions can vote right now – they just don’t know it – because the felony disenfranchisement laws in every state can be confusing. 

Senators Urge Trump Administration to Halt Deportation of Mauritanians

Between 1989 and 1991, tensions between Arab-Berbers and black ethnic groups in Mauritania resulted in the government-led displacement, expulsion, and denationalization of over 70,000 black Mauritanians. According to Human Rights Watch, these injustices were also accompanied by a litany of other abuses, including extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrests, torture, rape, property theft, and destruction of legal documents.

UCLA Gets First Win

You could tell this game was going to be different for UCLA as freshman QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson connected on his first nine passes against the Cal Bears in front of 45,889 fans.