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Ben Crump Law Will Continue to Seek Justice for Wronged Individuals With New Sacramento Office

With the aim of more effective activism to promote individual and social justice in America, renowned civil rights advocate and personal injury attorney Ben Crump is announcing the launch of a new Northern California office. Prominent Sacramento attorney Mark T. Harris will lead the newest office of Ben Crump Law PLLC, which is well known for its work representing the families of victims of police violence including Stephon Clark and Pamela Turner, among others.

Educator Spotlight: Donald Hense

Three-quarters of the students enrolled in Friendship schools in D.C. are from Wards 7 and 8, the city’s two poorest areas, and nearly all are African-American. Their achievement is reflected in their continuous improvement on standardized tests. Most recently, Donald Hense and his team celebrated, when five of Friendship’s 12 D.C. schools were rated Tier 1 by the Public Charter School Board – the highest of three ratings a charter school can earn.

COMMENTARY: Tough Decision

Everyone can second guess, talk about what should have happened or what they would have done. You see, it’s difficult to make decisions that impact thousands, but that’s what leaders have to do. That’s what Delta Sigma Theta Sorority president Beverly E. Smith did when she announced that the convention would come to an end at noon on the third day of the five-day convention. 

Driving While Black: Police Continue to Profile, Stop and Search African American Drivers

“What’s particularly damning about this data is that police were more likely to search Black people than white people yet found contraband in only 41 percent of searches of Black people compared to 72 percent of the searches of white people,” said American Civil Liberties Union Attorney Carl Takei. “In other words, the police have a pattern of stopping and searching Black people in circumstances where they would simply let white people go.

Providence Opening Urgent Care Center

“Providence will continue to work toward meeting patient needs and addressing the social factors that influence a person’s health,” said Tamarah Duperval-Brownlee, MD, MPH, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer of Providence Health System and Chief Community Impact Officer for Ascension. “We look forward to serving our community by offering another way to access convenient, immediate medical care.”

OP-ED: On Juneteenth We Must Remember Our Fight For Freedom Continues

“The NAACP stands at a significant moment in time when racial subordination and racial hierarchy is being reinforced at the highest level of leadership in this country. The recent accounts of domestic terrorism at black churches, images of Blackface populating the airwaves, the increase in hate crimes, and Black lives senselessly taken at the hands of over policing and brutality, shows that we are living in a world that often devalues us as people who have the right to live freely.”