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2019 Back to School Trends With Staples

It’s back to school season. A time where a new pair of shoes gets to come out of it’s box, where backpacks are a big topic of conversation, and most importantly, when stores offer great deals.Currently, Staples, one of the biggest office supply stores in the nation, is not only offering a plethora of trendy school supplies but a few major sales and rewards.

Tim Peterson Singers 25th Anniversary Celebration

It is with grateful hearts that we announce The Tim Peterson Singers 25th Anniversary Celebration. We are celebrating twenty-five years of gospel music ministry, lifting the Name of Jesus in songs of Praise, Deliverance and Thanksgiving. “God’s Been Just That Good “ - October 12, 2019 - 6:00PM @ New Life LA

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Statement on Capital One Data Breach

“This data breach shows that it’s not just big technology companies and credit reporting agencies like Equifax that are vulnerable to hacking and data breaches – big banks are vulnerable targets as well. As this is not the first incident in which Capital One’s customer data was exposed, we need to understand what bank regulators have been doing to ensure that this bank, and other banks, have strong cybersecurity policies and practices…”

Golden 1 Credit Union’s Summer Budgeting Tips

Everyone is always trying to find better ways to save and budget their funds, especially during one of the most expensive times of the year like summer. Whether it’s for that summer camp you want to get your kids in or that family vacation you have planned for. Golden 1 Credit Union’s Area Market Manger Noel Powell spoke to us here at the Observer with some tips on summer budgeting and their new Podcast. 

Why Dem. Senators Richard Pan and Steven Glazer Are Holding Out Their Votes  on Ethnic Studies Bill

They say when people learn about other cultures, they become more open-minded, empathetic and tolerant - and communities become more enriched socially and otherwise by this. That’s why a group of lawmakers, students and activists are rallying to support a bill making its way through the legislature, AB 1460. The proposal requires that the approximately 481,000 students enrolled in all 23 CSU campuses take one 3-credit unit of any qualifying Ethnic Studies course before they graduate.

Kern County Leadership Assembles To Discuss Under Representation In 2020 Census

Kern County community leaders gathered in attendance to discuss under-representation of marginalized groups within the county. On the morning of June 28th, 2019, elected officials, community stakeholders, and mayors of Kern County cities joined in the Larry Reider Superintendent’s Building at 2000 K St. They met to bring awareness to the myriad impediments that arise when funds are not properly allocated.