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Walter Camp Dinner Brings Out Cheers, Tears and More 

They came from all parts of the country. They are the best college football players in the country and they are Walter Camp All-Americans. It is America's oldest All-American team originally founded by Camp in 1889. It was the 52nd annual dinner MC’d by ESPN’s own Kevin Negandhi with announcements by John Pierson of WTNH New Haven.

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson’s Statement on Kamilah Campbell’s SAT Score Challenge

“As a mother and a former educator, I was extremely disappointed to learn that Kamilah Campbell’s SAT score is being challenged after she showed marked improvement in the second exam. It is my understanding that the first test that she took was a practice round for which she had not prepared. Before taking the second test, however, she spent a significant amount of time studying and took an SAT prep course. Her hard work and diligence paid off and she increased her score by about 300 points…

OP-ED: Because of the CBC, the Farm Bill Includes Millions for HBCUs, Black Farmers, and Rural Communities of Color

According to federal law, states are required to match federal funding dollar-for-dollar for land-grant universities, but many HBCUs have not been getting what they are owed. In fact, a 2013 report by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities found that from 2010-12, 61% of the historically black land-grant universities did not receive 100% of the one-to-one matching funds from their respective states…


When viewed in its entirety, the 87-page civil disposition document is rich with consistent denials of wrongdoing by Cosby and explanations of events that were never reported by mass media, including that he and Andrea Constand had engaged in an ongoing consensual relationship, one which Cosby desperately hid from his wife of more than a half-century.

Kwanzaa: Affirming African Heritage & Culture

What African heritage tradition functions to renew and strengthen the intertwined, cherished, and indivisible values of family, community, and culture in a rich and meaningful way? Kwanzaa, celebrated from December 26th to January 1st, provides a designated time to collectively acknowledge our ancestral origin and present the best of tradition by indulging in the richness and festive cultural ambiance of ethnic art, dance, poetry, folktales, music, literature, and the beauty of heritage clothing, jewelry, heirlooms, hairstyles, and creative productions.

Visionary Freedom Fighter Don Rojas Recounts a Life of Service

“Don Rojas has made major contributions to the struggle for freedom in Black communities across the globe. As the first communications director for the NAACP, he not only built the initial model of our communications department but created a vision for the way in which communications can be used as a resource to support social justice movements,” NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson told NNPA Newswire.