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Alfred Liggins is the Other Half of Urban One’s Success Story

“Look, my mother has an amazing story from where she came, and she’s always been more of a forefront person. A lot of people tend to think this woman built this company and she made her son the CEO, but they don’t realize how long I’ve been at the company and that it was really a joint effort. They tend to think it’s a traditional family business. But my mother is very good at giving me credit. She did it when we were in Omaha.”

Fresh Hopes, Familiar Disappointment Follow Gov. Newsom’s Call for New DNA Testing in Kevin Cooper Case 

On Friday, Feb. 22, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered new DNA tests in a 35-year-old quadruple murder case involving African-American death row inmate Kevin Cooper. Newsom's decision could lead to the overturning of Cooper's 1985 conviction in the killing of a rural Chino Hills family and their 11-year-old house guest. The case has the potential, some political watchers say, to divide Californians.

Our Black Women and Girls Have Gone Missing but Few Seem to Care

“To recognize Black girls as magical means defining them as precious, unique and valued. When society recognizes their worth and value, I believe that more attention will be paid to this matter. In addition, it will call for all people to recognize this as an epidemic and cause for action,” said Ginger Lavender Wilkerson, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles.

Bakersfield College African-American Students Celebrate Black History Month with “Black Excellence”

Enrolling into college and staying enrolled can be intimidating and challenging for many students. Bakersfield College Umoja A.S.T.E.P (African-American Success Through Excellence & Persistence) students are proving that they are up for the challenge. Friday, February 8, 2019 the student-led Umoja Club celebrated Black History Month with a “Black Excellence Conference” from 8am-2pm.