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Experiencing the Desert’s Hidden Gems

After a long work week, it was a great time to get away from the Los Angeles city life and tour the desert to see some of the desert’s “hidden gems.” The destination was Palm Springs, CA. 107 miles east of Los Angeles gave a good amount of time to sight see and put Chevy’s 2019 Bolt EV all-electric car to use.

COMMENTARY: Do Americans believe the polls?

“In 2016, the poll numbers were wrong and many of the political experts don’t believe President Donald Trump is 13 per cent behind the Democrats in the numbers in 2019. White people love President Trump and when he speaks the place is sold out. The economy is good, and the president can blow his horn.”

OP-ED: Why I’m Visiting the Border

“I shook hands with a 13 year-old-boy whose mother told him to make eye contact and shake hands firmly. Even in the midst of horrific living conditions and imprisonment, children at the facility are still being taught to treat people with respect, while being treated less than human…” 

COMMENTARY: Who Cares About Fair Elections?

People are organizing and attempting to overcome interference by mobilizing the Democratic base of voters. Barbara Arnwine, founder of the Transformative Justice Coalition gathered dozens of activists to participate in a day-long strategy session on voting rights on August 7, fifty-four years after the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965.

Reform Alternative Business Lending Practices to Protect Small-Business Owners

Lenders have been requiring their small business borrowers, as a condition of receiving any short-term loans from them, to sign confessions of judgement that waive borrowers’ legal rights in any dispute with the lenders. Small business borrowers in other states have no right of notice if their assets are seized in New York under confessions of judgement and may not even realize if a New York judgement has been entered against them until their banks have seized their assets.

See You in the Funny Papers at the Beale Memorial Library

Strawberry Shortcake and Spiderman, or at least people dressed as them, among others attired in wild costumes all rubbed shoulders in in a book-lined setting this past weekend. Well over a thousand people of all shapes and ages crammed the usually staid and dignified Beale Memorial Library in downtown Bakersfield in their best superhero finery for the second Beale Mini Con.

We Need Unity and Diplomacy to Counter War and Climate Change

In a teleconference with members of the ethnic press from across the country on Friday, Aug. 2, Democratic candidate for president Tulsi Gabbard, congresswoman from Hawai’i, introduced herself as a product of the country’s only majority-minority state, then commented that it took her visits to the mainland to reveal the very different ways people of color are sometimes seen and treated in the United States.

68-Year-Old Swimmer Competes in National Senior Olympics

Once she became a contestant for the local games, Loretta Griffin was told that she would need to participate in the state level and place in the top four to attend the Nationals, as well as qualify the year before the actual Olympics. Griffin completed all her requirements, including coming in third place last year in a 500 freestyle that consisted of 20 laps and four strokes to qualify her for the Nationals.

The Atlanta Voice welcomes three students through Chevrolet journalism fellowship

The three students—Tyla Barnes from Hampton University, Miana Massey from Howard University and Emani Nichols from Morehouse College—will take part in an immersive program under Publisher Janis L. Ware and Editor-In-Chief Marshall A. Latimore that will provide the students with opportunities to file real stories as well as work alongside professional journalists and editors from The Atlanta Voice.

Defense Department still investigates UFOs, Pentagon spokesman admits

While skeptics persist, for years former military personnel, airline pilots and ordinary citizens have argued they have witnessed objects in the sky they argue are “not of this world.” For decades, The Final Call newspaper has published research chronicling the existence of what are commonly called UFOs but what the Nation of Islam refers to as IFO’s—Identified Flying Objects.