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Rep. Maxine Waters Statement on Republican Voter Fraud in North Carolina 

“…we are witnessing Republican-led efforts to suppress the votes of Americans in minority communities by passing strict voter identification laws in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and North Carolina; closing down 868 polling places from Arizona to North Carolina; thwarting early voting in Indiana, Florida, Nebraska, and Ohio; and creating a so-called exact match policy that disqualified voters if their names did not precisely match records because of typos, missing hyphens, or clerical errors in Georgia.”

Does Racism Have an Impact on Health?

Emotional and physical trauma for more than 400 years affect the well-being and outlook of Blacks every day. Day-to-day urban life, gentrification and uncertainty of the future causes stress, anxiety, depression and mental disorders, some of which never get treated.

Los Angeles Rams Welcome Houston Texans

On the last Saturday in August the Rams welcomed the Houston Texans into the Los Angeles Coliseum for each team’s third game of the pre-season. Normally the third game of pre-season is considered the “dress rehearsal” for the regular season however, teams in different positions may have varying strategies. Either way, teams still use this extra game to further evaluate the players to build their depth.