Santa Cruz vs. Rivera - PBC Fight Card on FOX

Premier Boxing Champions will be hosting another exciting fight card for boxing fans to enjoy. Leo Santa Cruz vs. Rafael Rivera is a Premier Boxing Champions on FOX and FOX Deportes event that will see featherweight world champion Leo Santa Cruz take on Mexico's Rafael Rivera in the main event Saturday, February 16 from Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The AAF is Here

Identifying that football has rapidly become America’s favorite pastime, CEO/ Co-Founder Charlie Ebersol has assembled a strong team to appease America's appetite for football. Beginning a few shorts weeks after the NFL concluded, the Alliance of Alliance Football plans to capitalize on America's craving for tough hard nose football.

CFPB Makes Move to Support Payday Lenders During Black History Month

When given the chance at the ballot box, Americans overwhelmingly vote to impose a 36 percent or less rate cap. Today, 16 states and the District of Columbia have these rate caps in place, providing strong protection from payday loan sharks. In remaining states – those without a rate cap – interest rates run as high as 460 percent in California, over 400 percent in Illinois and 662 percent in Texas. 

FILM REVIEW: What Men Want

Twenty minutes into it, the outrageous sight-gag sex scenes, flippant dialogue and over-the-top performances yank the old premise firmly into the 21st century with a brand of humor fans of Bridesmaids will enjoy. There isn’t one subtle comic turn in this entire film. That gives Henson a chance to show her Tiffany Haddish side, which is more than willing to do anything to make viewers laugh.

Celebrating Black History Month With Interesting People in Bakersfield

William Austin Williams, native of Walterboro, South Carolina, is a local artifact of sorts. His corner house is home to a prized Bonsai collection of about 175 mini trees. Nestled among his miniature forest, sits a 14 x 27 six-foot deep 10,000 gallon Koi fish pond that’s stocked with some of the most gorgeous brightly colored fish, ranging in size from 12-inches to about 3 feet.

Bakersfield College African-American Students Celebrate Black History Month with “Black Excellence”

Enrolling into college and staying enrolled can be intimidating and challenging for many students. Bakersfield College Umoja A.S.T.E.P (African-American Success Through Excellence & Persistence) students are proving that they are up for the challenge. Friday, February 8, 2019 the student-led Umoja Club celebrated Black History Month with a “Black Excellence Conference” from 8am-2pm.

FILM REVIEW: An Acceptable Loss

Controversial ex-U.S. security advisor Elizabeth “Libby” Lamm (Tika Sumpter, Southside, Ride Along, Sparkle) becomes a visiting professor on a liberal college campus. Under her guidance, and at the insistence of the aggressive VPOTUS Rachel Burke (Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween) and chief of staff Adrian (Jeff Hephner, Interstellar), a bomb was dropped during a war against terror and thousands of lives were lost. 

What’s Good Superbowl LIII Recap

As Gladys Knight kicked off the CBS telecast with a dazzling rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner,” and we were all were getting comfortable with snacks in hand ready to enjoy this matchup, a strange thing happened. Both defenses showed up to play! Not only did we see great defense played on both sides of the ball, but both offenses did also leave some plays on the field as well. Which is why some fair-weather football complained about this being a boring game.