What’s Good NFL Supremacy Rankings

As the leaves fall, the weather changes and families across the country prepare for the holidays, football fans in America are anxiously anticipating crunch time of the NFL season. As the NFL season winds down and teams are positioning themselves for their playoff race while other teams are looking towards next season. 

Lakers Beat the Visiting Heat

The Lakers are welcoming Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat into Staples for a potentially the final time in his illustrious career! The Heat come into this game 4 games under .500 and a 6-5 record on the road, while Lakers come into this game with a home record of 10-4 and just 2 games out of first place in the competitive Western Conference.

2019 Volvo XC40 T5

From a consumer standpoint, the XC40 was about as good as you can get. It had a stop start system that was so smooth and quiet, in other words unobtrusive, that I never turned it off. That’s rare for me.

Rep. Maxine Waters Statement on Republican Voter Fraud in North Carolina 

“…we are witnessing Republican-led efforts to suppress the votes of Americans in minority communities by passing strict voter identification laws in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and North Carolina; closing down 868 polling places from Arizona to North Carolina; thwarting early voting in Indiana, Florida, Nebraska, and Ohio; and creating a so-called exact match policy that disqualified voters if their names did not precisely match records because of typos, missing hyphens, or clerical errors in Georgia.”

Lakers Beat the Young Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers welcomed the youthful Phoenix Suns into the Staples Center for a matinee game this past Sunday afternoon. The Lakers come into this game in 5th place in the fluid Western Conference. A win in this matchup would give the Laker their third three-game winning streak of this season.

Dear Black People: Adoption is a Great Option

Adoption is a great option for all families, especially African-American families who typically “take in” children as a regular practice. The informal practice of “adopting” children began in the United States when black families were often destroyed by the system and practice of slavery. Slaves were sold and traded, so families were broken up, leaving children behind in need of care.